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New Zealand suspended Hong kong extradition treaty after Australia and UK
Announcing New Zealand’s move earlier on Tuesday.

Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters said China had “destroy rule-of-law principles, spoil the ‘one country, two systems’ framework that underpins Hong Kong’s unique status. They had gone against the loyalty of China that made to the international community”.

Why does New Zealand support this?

The 3 countries, with New Zealand and The United States, is now part of called 5 Eyes intelligence alliance. The US has working plans to boycott its extradition treaty with Hong Kong. Beijing decides to impose a new security law on the city. And then the New Zealand government also suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong, and they also join the UK. Today, New Zealand’s foreign minister Winston Peter said that New Zealand can’t trust Hong Kong’s criminal justice system. The reason behind this system is independent of China.

China has said Hong Kong will suspend extradition treaties with Britain, Canada, and Australia after they took similar steps over the territory’s disputed new security law. Recently, Australia and Canada had also boycott their extradition relations with Hong Kong in referring to the increased power of the security forces of Beijing in the former British colony.

The uncomfortable balancing act of China is now New Zealand’s largest export and trading partner in the market with annual two-way trade recently exceeding New Zealand $32 Billion ($21 billion). In the future, if China shows attachment to the ‘ one country, two systems ‘ framework. After that, we could review this decision” New Zealand’s foreign affairs minister Winston Peter added.

United States President Donald J Trump has put an end to the better economic treatment for Hong Kong. It’s a breach of the international laws and gross inference in Beijing’s internal affairs. As the Chinese embassy in New Zealand talked about the decision, as reported by the website statement.

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