Seth Rogan is opening a homeware (and weed) store

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The star of weed movie Pineapple Express has opened his own weed and house goods store in California when marijuana for medicinal use is legal.

Canadian comic Seth Rogan has announced his latest project:, an online store selling “house goods”… and cannabis.

The Pineapple Express star has been working on the project for a decade and let fans know about it via Instagram on Tuesday (NZ time). The company is launching in California, where he lives, and where marijuana is legal for medicinal use.

“If you know anything about me at all, I’m going to assume it’s that I really love weed,” Rogan said in his Insta clip.

Seth Rogan has announced he is opening an online houseplant and homeware store.


Seth Rogan has announced he is opening an online houseplant and homeware store.

“[We’re also making] beautiful house goods for people who smoke weed.”

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The store will primarily sell strains of cannabis in little stackable tin cannisters resembling tea caddies.

But there’s also a range of housewares. The Superbad star previewed a “hard to lose” block table lighter, with an ashtray in the lid that looks like a piece of 60s art.

Rogan will sell the cannabis in little tin caddies.


Rogan will sell the cannabis in little tin caddies.

It’s likely that Rogan’s other hobby, ceramics, will also feature in the store.

The actor started showing off the ceramics he made himself, after joining his wife, screenwriter and actress Lauren Miller, in a pottery class in 2019.

Initially slightly ropey stoneware, he has developed a psychedelic, retro vibe for his vases and ashtrays, giving them tactile, undulating forms, with wild, spackled glazes in dayglo colours.

A long time collector of vintage ashtrays, he told fans via Instagram that he joined a pottery studio so he could start making his own.

“It’s fun to do something that you can see yourself improving,” he wrote.

Rogan’s work has clearly developed and improved in the past couple of years, but despite many call-outs from fans (including the celebrity ones) for places to buy his pieces he’s kept quiet about it.

Perhaps some funky, quirky Rogan-original pieces will appear on

“This is just the beginning,” Rogan said at the end of the Insta clip. “This is honestly my life’s work, and I’ve never been more excited about anything. I hope you enjoy it.”

Houseplant's Canadian iteration looked like old VHS and film cannisters.


Houseplant’s Canadian iteration looked like old VHS and film cannisters.

According to, Rogan first launched the Houseplant cannabis brand in Canada, where pot is legal for medicinal and personal use, in 2019 with the help of his Pineapple Express co-writer, Evan Goldberg. But this will be the first time it is offered outside Rogan’s home country.

It goes without saying that marijuana is still illegal to import into Aotearoa-New Zealand, so you’ll have to live without those cannabis caddies – sorry. The store is also not shipping its homewares internationally yet.

But to see what Rogan is rolling out, check out the homewares specific Instagram account for the project, @houseplant. The weed side of Rogan’s business is at @houseplantUS.

A busy man, Rogan has also written a book, due out on May 11, 2021. Called Yearbook, it is a collection of essays and “true stories” from his early days as a stand up comic and the start of his Hollywood career.


Seth Rogan stars in this touching comedy as Herschel Greenbaum, a Jewish man who is pickled for 100 hundred years and wakes to find his great grandson (also played by Rogan) in desperate need of his help.