Japan Tariff Reductions For US Potatoes – Fries Now Enter Tariff Free – PotatoPro

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Last week Japan eliminated its remaining 2.1% tariff on US frozen fries (HS 2004.10) as a result of the tariff concessions secured under the US-Japan Trade Agreement.

Japan also further reduced the tariff on flakes granules and pellets (HS 1105.20) to 6.6%, and those tariffs on other dehy lines (HS2005.20), which now range from 4% to 8.6%. These tariffs will be subject to ongoing annual reductions on April 1 until full elimination occurs over the course of the next seven years.

Japan is the largest market for US frozen fries with exports valued at $268 million in 2020. Tariff-free access to Japan for US fries will therefore support the continued growth of exports to the market.

The Japanese tariff reductions enacted on April 1 are aligned with those Japan has committed in the TPP-11 trade agreement (which includes Canada and New Zealand) and those offered to EU Member States in the EU-Japan FTA. As a result, fries from these countries will also now enter Japan tariff free.