Greenlab New Zealand And Purplefarm Genetics Canada Execute Agreement To Share Medicinal Cannabis Germplasm

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Purplefarm Genetics Inc. (PFG), a privately held cannabis
company, is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with
Greenlab (Green Relief NZ Ltd trading as Greenlab), to
develop next-generation medicinal cannabis strains under
Health Canada and Ministry of Health, New Zealand import and
export regulations.

“We are truly excited about
partnering with Greenlab, a company with the ability to
reinvent the way the cannabis industry approaches Research
& Development” said Jonah Clifford, Director at
Purplefarm Genetics. “Being in tune with the plant is
always our priority; and there has never been better access
to scientific tools, methods and partners to help. Since
2020, PFG have been engaged with Greenlab Medicinal Cannabis
experts, to unlock the secrets of the over 600 proprietary
strains in our vault”.

Our common mission to produce
high levels of unique cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids
that will yield great value for patients, consumers, and our
companies. Greenlab’s leadership in Medicinal Cannabis
Germplasm R&D and PFG’s best-in-class cultivation
practices partnership leverages our core competencies to
create an unparalleled gold standard of cannabis cultivation
and compliant product development.

“We are very
pleased to collaborate with PFG, as we both are driven by a
shared passion: that of pushing the limits of per square
meter yield of therapeutic cannabinoids leading to unique
pharmaceutical products urgently demanded by medical doctors
and needed by immunocompromised patients,” said Dr Parmjit
Randhawa, Director Research and Commercialisation at
Greenlab New Zealand. “The Purplefarm Genetics team have a
wealth of cultivation expertise, an extensive Canadian
cultivar library, and a precision-controlled facility that
will complement the Greenlab fully controlled environment
research at Lincoln University, thus fast tracking the
product development efforts”. We are proud to partner with
a Canadian company that is equally committed to its
community, team members and advancing the limits of medical
cannabis research.” said Dr Randhawa.

Purplefarm Genetics Inc, Canada

Purplefarm Genetics
hold licences under Health Canada and The Cannabis Act for
cultivation, processing and medical sales of cannabis at
their Johnstown, Ontario, Canada based facility. The company
is built around the vision that cannabis cannot just be
reduced to a percentage of THC or CBD. PFG are skilled
cultivators growing whole flower cannabis for the Canadian
and global market and are making complex medicine as simple
as possible.

About Green Relief NZ Ltd trading as

Greenlab, founded in 2019, became one of the
first New Zealand’s South Island company to secure a
R&D licence. Greenlab is based at Lincoln University to
carry out industry focused R&D in fully controlled
environments which will be scaled up in commercial
cultivation facility to manufacture unique

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