Immigration Minister Likely To Devastate Skilled Migrant Hopes With New Announcement

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The New Zealand Association for
Migration and Investment (NZAMI)
believes that the
Immigration Minister will announce on Monday that 30,000
current skilled migrant category (SMC) applications awaiting
allocation and assessment by Immigration New Zealand will be
“lapsed” and applicants will be offered some sort of a

“The Minister appears to be readying these
applicants for his announcement in his recent media release
where he called present issues with processing ‘the
perfect storm’ and blamed COVID and the skilled migrant
category applications for the delays in visa processing,”
says NZAMI chair, June Ranson.

“NZAMI is gravely
concerned about this being a possibility given the impact
that such a decision would have on those migrants that have
invested so much into their future in New Zealand. Many have
studied, lived and worked here for many years, and some have
waited for 18 months plus to have their applications
assessed. The NZAMI is equally concerned about the impact
that this would have on employers who are desperate for
skilled migrants to fill skills shortages in their

“Such a decision would exacerbate the
skills shortages in this country and hamper infrastructure
projects and heavily impact on those occupations that are
heavily migrant reliant such as the aged care sector. If
there is no future for skilled migrants to make New Zealand
home, they will simply move to countries where they can
secure their future such as Australia and

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