Here comes another one! Liz Truss eyes huge Brexit deal with New Zealand – key talks TODAY – Daily Express

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Damien O’Connor flew to Britain on Wednesday and held dinner with Ms Truss ahead of the talks. The fifth round of negotiations is expected by some to be the last, with the UK and New Zealand largely in agreement on most issues.

A deal could boost UK exports by as much as £100million a year.

Mr O’Connor’s trip to London is the first undertaken by a Kiwi minister since the outbreak of the pandemic last spring.

It is hoped the outline of a trade deal will be announced following the latest set of negotiations.

Ahead of the talks, Ms Truss said both sides were eager to “turn momentum into results”.


She said: “We’ve made great progress so far, but I want to intensify negotiations and move closer to a deal that works for both nations.

“Both sides are keen to turn momentum into results.

“I want an advanced agreement that shows what Britain can do as a sovereign trading nation – delivering better access for our services companies, slashing tariffs for our exporters, and benefitting consumers here at home.

“A deal will pave the way for us to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a £9trillion free trade area, which will help our farmers and businesses reach some of the biggest and fastest-growing markets in the world.

“Asia-Pacific is where the richest opportunities lie for Global Britain.”

Britain is looking to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership that made up of 11 countries including Australia, Canada, Japan and New Zealand and is worth almost £10trillion a year.

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The Department for International Trade had been hoping to have both deals ready to sign off by Easter, but the timeline slipped as frictions in negotiations slowed the pace of discussions.

Britain’s deal with New Zealand is expected to largely mirror the one signed with Australia.

It will help remove tariffs to make it cheaper for UK companies to export to New Zealand.

Brits are also set to benefit from being able to buy cheaper goods from Wellington under the deal.

The terms of the UK’s deal with Australia angered many British farmers, with fears lower quality cuts of meat imported from Canberra could be sold in the UK for cheaper prices under the agreement.

But with the New Zealand deal likely to include similar terms, on Wednesday Ms Truss told farmers to stop being “defensive”.

“We can see the evidence, that sales of British beef international are growing to places like Asia-Pacific and the United States because people want to buy high quality British products produced in a high animal welfare way,” she said.

“We need to be positive about what we’ve got to sell rather than being defensive.”