CPTPP trade agreement gives Peru access to market of 500 million consumers – Andina – Agencia Peruana de Noticias

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14:47 | Lima, Jul. 21.

Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Claudia Cornejo on Wednesday affirmed that the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) will give Peru access to a potential market —of 500 million consumers— for Peruvian products.

“This agreement places the country in an expectant position because a market of more than 500 million consumers in the world will be available,” she expressed.

“Today we are completing a process that started in 2008 and that has actually shown that when we work together —as the President has always asked us— and in coordination with public and private sectors, we can do great things,” Cornejo pointed out.

“This is a modern deal that includes very interesting chapters in support of small and medium-sized companies. It also includes a section on cooperation in terms of development, with special emphasis on topics like science and technology, the role of women in society, as well as environmental and labor aspects,” the Cabinet member added.

The minister noted that CPTPP gives Peru the chance to have trade deals with economies with which it had no agreements in force and improves the conditions of the existing ones.

“The entry into force stage is coming to an end now, but a new and very important stage is getting started, which involves how to take advantage of the CPTPP benefits,” the high-ranking official stated.

“In this regard, we will continue to work according to the National Strategic Exports Plan because it must be pointed out that Peru’s trade integration into the world is already a state policy that has gone through various administrations,” she added.


Published: 7/21/2021