Brexit LIVE: Brexit superwoman strikes again as Truss nears £2.3billion New Zealand deal – Daily Express

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After agreeing to deals with Australia and Japan, Ms Truss is now nearing yet another deal in the Asia-Pacific region, insiders have claimed. The Trade Secretary is now locked in final talks on a £2.3billion trade deal to ditch tariffs and increase business ties with the Commonwealth state. Once agreed, Brits will be able to enjoy cut prices on products such as wine and fruit. 

As reported by The Sun, the deal is expected to be agreed upon “imminently”. 

The deal will also be the next step in the UK’s path to joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The CPTPP includes countries such as: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam.

In 2019, UK exports of goods and services to CPTPP countries amounted to £58billion which was 8.4 percent of all UK exports. 

Imports were £53 billion which was 7.3 percent of the UK total.

The UK has already agreed to trade deals with seven of the member states. 

An ally of Ms Truss previously told “A deal with the Kiwis will boost British exporters and benefit consumers, but its wider significance is as a gateway for Britain into the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which offers even greater prizes.

“It’s a hugely exciting prospect and Liz is working hard to make it happen. This is why we left the EU, in order to pivot Britain towards old allies and fast-growing Asian economies and strike much more ambitious and liberalising trade deals.”


8.15am update: Redwood exposes key inconsistency in Brexit blame game ‘It’s Germany and Poland too!’

Brexiteer John Redwood has exposed an inconsistency in attempts to blame a shortage of lorry drivers on Britain being outside of the EU.

Tory MP John Redwood has blasted attempts to pin a shortage of heavy goods vehicle drivers in the UK on Brexit.

Mr Redwood has argued that the lack of drivers “isn’t a Brexit issue,” he pointed to similar difficulties faced in EU member states such as Poland and Germany, as well as the US.

Instead, the MP insisted that issues with working conditions, training, and retention had led to the crisis in the industry.

7.46am update: So long, Brussels! UK’s incredible global trade options laid out by delighted Brexiteer

Britain can now look to forge long-lasting, mutual beneficial trade deals with countries outside the European Union after severing ties with the bloc and all its associated red tape, Brexiteer and former Labour Party MP Baroness Hoey has said.

The peer, previously Kate Hoey, MP for Vauxhall until she stood before the last general election, was announced as Britain’s new trade envoy to Ghana earlier this month.

She told Brexit would also help Britain to put a stop to Brussels’ exploitation of developing countries – by cutting out the EU as the middleman.

7.35am update: Liz Truss nearing New Zealand deal 

As reported by The Sun, Ms Truss is set to agree to a deal with the Commonwealth state “imminently”. 

The deal will cut tariffs on products such as wine and apples. 

A deal with the state is also the latest move in the UK’s tilt to become a dominant player in the Asia-Pacific region.