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Nicola Sturgeon launches blistering Brexit attack

A well-known anti-Brexit campaigner made the claim those who supported Brexit can not be called patriots due to the alleged damage they had done to the country. In his tweet, Femi Oluwole claimed major parts of the country had also been sacrificed in order to secure the UK’s exit from the EU. He said: “Can we all agree that if you’re happy to sacrifice major parts of your country and the millions of people who live there, you don’t get to call yourself a patriot?

In response, however, many took to Twitter to defend the UK’s exit and question who the millions were. 

One person said: “Can we agree it is not and never will be your call to make!”

Another said: “Not sure what purpose this serves.

“Are we to continue with a Punch & Judy show for eternity over Brexit? 

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Brexit news: Femi claimed millions had been scrificed (Image: GETTY/Youtube)

“Nothing wrong in highlighting the issues in terms of trade etc, but name-calling or putting one side into a box will ensure that Punch & Judy will continue to divide.”

Another said: “Can we all agree Femi, that you always twist the narrative?”

A fourth person added: “So because you perceive in your own mind that you made the right decision and the majority didn’t the majority of this country are not patriots but you are, what about any of the police or armed forces that may have voted for Brexit are they not patriots?”


3.25pm update: Remainers spark fury as they revel in Wetherspoons beer shortage ‘Deserves what he gets!’

Wetherspoons customers will be disappointed to find the pub chain is facing a shortage of some beer brands.

JD Wetherspoon is the latest business to fall victim to supply chain issues and lorry driver shortages as it was announced today that the pubs are out of multiple brands of beer.

One fuming customer shared the news on Twitter with a photograph of a sign warning: “We regret to inform you that we are out of stock of Carling, Coors and Bud Light.”

Remainer Twitter users have been quick to point the finger at Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin, who was a staunch supporter of Brexit during the referendum and even printed 200,000 beer mats urging people to “Take Back Control” in 2016.

One feisty user said: “I used to give Wetherspoons credit for its democratic pricing and half-decent curries. Not now. Brexiteer owner Tim Martin has been instrumental in creating the labour and supply shortages now affecting him. He deserves everything he gets. #BrexitChaos.”

Another said: “Tim Martin was one of the architects of Brexit its now backfired on him, he is suffering what he said would never happen, namely beer/staff shortages. I have got no sympathy.”

3pm update: Oliver Pritchard-Jones taking over from Bill McLoughlin

2.37pm update: ‘We have the final say!’ Spain urges EU to support its Brexit power grab over Gibraltar

Spain is urging the European Union to bolster its power grab over Gibraltar by approving the negotiating mandate for the post-Brexit deal “as soon as possible”.

Madrid has called on Slovenia, which holds the bloc’s rotating six-month presidency, to rush through the wrangling over the UK-EU treaty covering the Rock.

The issue of the British overseas territory was raised on Monday during a meeting between Spain’s foreign minister Jose Manuel Albares and his Slovenian counterpart Anze Logar.

Mr Albares said: “I have expressed to my colleague my desire that the presidency pushes for the approval of the negotiating mandate for an agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom on Gibraltar, so that it is adopted as soon as possible.

“For us, for Spain, this is evidently a priority issue.”

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Brexit news: The Northern Ireland protocol explained (Image: Express)

1.33pm update: Nissan supplier opens new factory in Sunderland to serve as ‘beating heart for Europe’

Nissan supplier Magna has officially opened its new multi-million-pound factory in Sunderland which will employ 300 people when it is at full capacity.

The Canadian-owned firm has 347 manufacturing plants and 87 other facilities across 28 countries – 12 of them are in the UK employing 2,125 Britons.

Magna provides a range of components, including major body and chassis parts, to the automotive sector. It will produce exterior trim parts of Nissan’s third-generation Qashqai car at the facility which houses a robotic assembly line.

12.04pm update: Brexit turbo-charges entire UK economy but Remainers bemoan brie shortage! COMMENT

No wonder our beloved liberal elite were so terrified of Brexit – five years on and we are now staring down the barrel of a full on crisis.

If the dread warnings are right apparently it may soon become marginally more difficult to buy Roquefort and brie.

It gets worse. Chorizo, that granite-hard Spanish sausage nobody actually eats, might also be in short supply. The horror!

Imagine the shame around the dinner party tables of Islington, being forced to serve only British (spit!) produce like Stilton or this delicious Yorkshire Chorizo. Good Lord Diedre, it wasn’t this bad in the war!

Quick Jeeves, Fortnum & Mason tout suite and don’t spare the horses – there’s panic buying to be done!

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Brexit news: liz Truss has signed several deals (Image: GETTY)

11.41am update: Brexit could FINALLY allow UK to block endless ‘box-ticking’ warnings on websites

Politicians plan to use new freedoms afforded by Brexit to end the barrage of warnings about cookies every time you visit a new website.

You’re probably familiar with the constant barrage of cookie warnings that pop-up whenever you visit a new page on the web.

These messages are designed to reveal all cookies and trackers operating on the website in plain language but usually say something like “This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience” with a link to “learn more” and that’s it.

For those living in Britain, that could soon change.

Following the departure from the European Union, Britain is now free to make its own decisions around data laws, including the cookie warnings required by EU regulations. According to Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden, Britain is now looking to give these messages the chop.

10.39am update: Liz Truss close to signing £100m New Zealand trade deal in Brexit boost

Liz Truss is close to striking a free trade deal with New Zealand – an important step towards Britain’s bid to join the £9trillion Pacific free trade bloc.

The International Trade Secretary is locked in negotiations to thrash out the final sticking points in the agreement that will axe tariffs between the nations.

Whitehall sources said the deal was “quite close, but there are a few things still to resolve”.

The insider added: “New Zealand will need to give us more on digital and services trade.”

Total trade in goods and services between the two nations was worth £2.3billion last year and it had been hoped a trade deal would boost it by as much as £100million a year.

Nicola Sturgeon launches blistering Brexit attack

10.04am update: First meeting for UK’s CPTPP inclusion to be held in a month

Members of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) agreed to hold a meeting to discuss the UK’s inclusion to the trade alliance, Japan’s economy minister announced today.

Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura said today: “It was agreed between member countries to hold the meeting in about a month.

“I believe that the importance of Britain as a strategic partner and the expansion of the high-level rules beyond the Asia-Pacific are extremely significant.”

9.22am update: Brexit Britain enjoying ‘wine boom’ to economy as industry braced for £658m injection

Brexit Britain’s wine industry has blown up as climate change has fostered ideal conditions for the grape growing season – and experts say it could be braced for a £658million injection.

The average growing season, April to October, has seen temperatures above 14C making it possible to reliably grow more grape varieties and rapidly increase production.

Last year, British vineyards produced 8.7 million bottles of wine.

That made it the third-warmest year in England since records began in 1884, according to the Royal Meteorological Society’s ‘State of the UK Climate 2020’ report.

Now, British wineries are planting more grapevines year after year, and research group WineGB estimated that, by 2040, production in Britain will increase to 40 million bottles per year.

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Brexit news: Trade after Brexit (Image: Express)

8.38am update: Brexit Britain ‘doesn’t ask EU for permission to breathe!’ – Remoaners brutally shut down

Brexit Britain has scored another huge victory after leaving the European Union that has seen Remainers brutally torn apart over their vicious doom-mongering.

Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit plans to turn the UK into a global shipping hub received a monumental boost with the news the Duke of Northumberland is joining forces with pensions giant Legal & General to fund an ambitious “super-port” in Teeside.

JP Morgan is advising the consortium, which is expected to table an offer in a matter of days before the second and final binding bids are made by the end of this year, sources close to the deal told The Sunday Telegraph.

Investment bank Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is running the sale for PD Ports, which employs 1,300 staff and has 12 sites throughout the UK.

8.02am update: Brexit opens the door for us to be workshop of world, says TIM NEWARK

New firms have hit a record high this year, up by 24 percent at Companies House.

Start-ups with high values – called “unicorns” – are at their highest in the UK with 81 of them worth over $1billion each, more than in France, Germany and Sweden combined.

Despite the pandemic, £11billion of capital flowed towards talented British entrepreneurs with smart ideas in 2020, another record.

Britain’s freeports also look set to get a big boost, with investors putting in £2billion to create a mega-logistics empire that stretches from Teesside in the North East to the Thames Estuary.

Granted low-tax status by Chancellor Rishi Sunak in the March budget, the jewel in this crown is Teesport, which hopes to attract top foreign companies and generate £200million of profits by the end of the decade.

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Brexit news: A timeline of events leading to the UK’s exit (Image: Express)

7.34am update: Fury erupts as Rejoiner claims millions sacrificed over Brexit 

Prominent Remainer, Femi Oluwole claimed millions of people and major parts of the country had been sacrificed for Brexit.

In doing so, he alleged those who voted to Leave the EU, could not be labelled as patriots. 

He said: “Can we all agree that if you’re happy to sacrifice major parts of your country and the millions of people who live there, you don’t get to call yourself a patriot?”

His claim led to many on Twitter questioning his remark on the popular social media platform. 

One person said: “Not sure what purpose this serves.

“Are we to continue with a Punch & Judy show for eternity over Brexit?

“Nothing wrong in highlighting the issues in terms of trade etc, but name-calling or putting one side into a box will ensure that Punch & Judy will continue to divide.”