New paper highlights how vaping Smokefree 2025 closer

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A new
white paper
on international best
practice towards vaping regulation features a case study on
New Zealand, with data showing how increased vaping uptake
has correlated with significant progress towards our
Smokefree goal.

The white paper is published
by the Property Rights Alliance, with contributions from the
UK, New Zealand, France, and Canada. The New Zealand case
study is written by New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union
Campaigns Manager Louis Houlbrooke.

Mr Houlbrooke
says, “Historically, public health commentators have
attributed reductions in smoking rates to annual excise tax
hikes. But now, despite an end to annual tax hikes, we see
progress accelerating. This latest data makes it
increasingly difficult to deny that it is alternative
products like e-cigarettes – not tax – that will
ultimately bring New Zealand to our Smokefree goal. However,
the question remains to what extent our progress will be
slowed by new regulations currently being implemented to
reduce access to vaping products.”

Commenting on the
white paper, Centre of Research Excellence Director Dr
Marewa Glover says, “Enabling people to switch from
smoking to vaping is not only delivering on reducing risk to
health, the New Zealand experience is proof that access to
vaping can reduce inequity in smoking rates. Despite the
FCTC saying countries should ensure that Indigenous peoples
also benefit from tobacco control measures, the gap
in smoking rates
between Māori and European New
Zealanders has never been reduced. The higher rates of daily
vaping among Māori compared to European New Zealanders is
the first sign that this inequity may be lessened. It is
significant also, that daily vaping prevalence increases in
line with higher deprivation. The lower the income quintile
the higher the smoking prevalence, but also the higher daily
vaping occurs.”

The white paper has been published
ahead of the WHO’s COP9 conference, which will be attended
by delegates from across the world as they consider updates
to the Framework Convention on Tobacco

“We’re urging New Zealand’s delegates
to tell our story with pride,” says Mr Houlbrooke. “During
our long period of essentially unregulated access to vaping
products, the sky did not fall – in fact, smokers took the
opportunity to switch in droves. This success has been
reflected by the Government’s own information
campaign on vaping
, which highlights vaping as an
effective means to quit smoking, with a 95 percent reduction
in harm relative to cigarettes.”

This morning Mr
Houlbrooke joined a live webinar hosted by the Property
Rights Alliance along with contributors to the white paper.
here to watch the

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