Boost Climate Action With E-bike Discounts, Say Cycling Advocates

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Cycling advocates are calling for the Government to take
climate action by providing discounts on the purchase price
of e-bikes.

Today the Government released
carbon-cutting ideas to the public, These include funding
for e-bike share schemes.

Cycling advocates say these
ideas don’t go nearly far enough to address climate

“New Zealand is racing against time to meet
our carbon commitments. Biking is the perfact way to rapidly
cut carbon, boost health, and fix transport problems,”
said Patrick Morgan from the Cycling Action

“It makes sense to get more people on
bikes, but the cost of e-bikes is a barrier for some. To fix
that, the Government should offer 33 percent discounts on
the purchase of e-bikes.”

He says e-bikes flatten
hills, defeat headwinds, can carry children easily, and make
travelling by bike attractive for more people.

achieve a stable climate, we know transport must be largely
decarbonised by 2030. Our current transport system doesn’t
meets our needs. We need to fix that.”

said getting more people on bikes has compelling benefits
for better health, cleaner air, nicer streets, and saving

“The range and convenience of e-bikes means
they can easily displace car trips. Many people are choosing
cargo bikes to carry a load, or a couple of

“Investing in cycling is a miracle pill
for our cities.”

The Government announced
a Clean Car Discount scheme in June, aimed at helping New
Zealand meet its climate commitments. E-bikes are much
cheaper than EVs.

E-bike discounts and subsidies are
popular in the UK, USA, and


Why just
e-bikes? Why not standard bikes too?
E-bikes are a new
tool which can displace car trips. They open up hilly
terrain, give people the ability to travel long distances,
and make travelling by bike faster and easier. When
considering pedal-powered bikes, purchase cost is not a
major limiting factor in their use. Most adults already have
access to a standard bike.

How would a
discount work?
Similar to the Clean Car Discount,
purchasers would apply to Waka Kotahi /NZTA for a rebate,
with proof of purchase.

How would this be
More people biking, more often has huge financial
savings to New Zealand: lower health costs, less congestion,
safer streets, cleaner air, and lower carbon emissions will
cover costs many times over.

Why a

Cost is a barrier to many in purchasing an
e-bike. A discount scheme is easy to administer.

else needs to be done?
CAN also calls for other
programmes to support more people cycling: more bike lanes,
professional bicycle skills training, better end-of-trip
facilities (secure parking, access to showers), and training
for bike mechanics. Combined with an e-bike subisdy these
will help create enviroments that encourage and support
people to ride bikes more

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