Media Buries China Scandal Revealed At Victoria’s Branch-stacking Inquiry

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The just-resigned deputy chair of the intelligence
committee has boasted of colluding in media “hatchet
jobs” that poisoned Australia’s relationship with our
biggest trading partner.

At the current hearings
of Victoria’s Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption
Commission (IBAC), federal Labor MP Anthony Byrne
sensationally confessed to 20 years of
branch-stacking—signing up fake members to boost his
faction’s power. Byrne’s confession received extensive
coverage in the media, which demanded to know if Labor
leader Anthony Albanese would sack him from the party, and
led to Byrne resigning from his position as deputy chair of
the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and
Security (PJCIS).

The media and Byrne’s political
opponents have conspicuously ignored another revelation from
the hearings, however, which is of far greater consequence
to Australia’s national and economic security right now.
In the hearing on 12 October, a lawyer read into evidence a
December 2018 text message from Byrne, in which he boasted
that he had colluded with ABC Four Corners reports smearing
China, and admitted those reports were “hatchet jobs”.
Coming from the deputy chair of the powerful and secretive
PJCIS, this private boast is revealing of the coordinated
operation that in the last few years has poisoned
Australia’s relationship with our biggest trading partner
and motivates Australian politicians to casually talk of

The lack of media interest in the Byrne text
message is connected to the extraordinary outpouring of
support Byrne received from his supposed political opponents
in the Liberal Party, who would ordinarily be gleefully
dancing on the political grave of one of their Labor
opponents. PJCIS chair Senator James Paterson explained to
Sky News on 14 October: “He has given very good service to
the PJCIS and Australia’s national security…. I’ve
always found him very driven by Australia’s national
security”. Sky News host Kieran Gilbert noted that
Paterson, fellow Liberal Andrew Hastie, and others have been
very positive about Anthony Byrne’s performance on the
PJCIS, and “reticent to criticise his

The politicians Gilbert cited are all
“Wolverines”, as is Byrne himself. The Wolverines are a
gang of anti-China extremists who intentionally set out to
destroy Australia’s relationship with its biggest trading
partner. Inspired by the paranoid Cold War fantasy movie
Red Dawn, in which teenagers calling themselves the
Wolverines fight back against a Communist invasion of the
USA, Paterson and his fellow parliamentary Wolverines have a
juvenile habit of plastering stickers of claw marks on the
walls of Parliament House. The Wolverines proclaim their
motivation is protecting Australia’s “sovereignty”,
but their actions and connections show they define
sovereignty as permanent strategic subservience to the USA
and UK. Hastie and Paterson are both close to the UK’s
Henry Jackson Society, a right-wing neoconservative think
tank that promotes regime-change wars to spread
“democracy”; Paterson is a staunch advocate of
CANZUK—an alliance of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and
the UK, i.e. reuniting the “white” nations of the
British Empire—starting as a free trade and migration bloc
but with designs to progress to a voting bloc at the United
Nations (so much for sovereignty); and in early 2020 the
Wolverines made the US ambassador to Australia an honourary
member of their pack—also revealing of how they define

In the last few years these Wolverines
have spearheaded an operation to align Australia’s foreign
policy with the sudden change in US foreign and defence
policy enunciated in the final year of the Obama
administration, which declared China and Russia to be
greater threats to the USA than the murderous terrorism of
Islamic State (ISIS). This operation included a relative
handful of politicians (the Wolverines), journalists,
academics, and Australia’s intelligence agencies,
specifically the Australian Security and Intelligence
Organisation (ASIO). The Citizens Party exposed this
operation in a 2020 series of articles in the Australian
Alert Service
magazine called “The China Narrative”;
part 5 of that series, headlined “All
roads lead to ASIO
”, noted that ASIO operates in
partnership with the so-called “Five Eyes” spying
alliance comprising the intelligence agencies of the USA,
UK, Canada, NZ and Australia, dominated by the CIA and MI6,
and its activities should be seen as a foreign interference
operation to bring Australia into line with the changing US
(and UK) geopolitical strategy.

The series also
documented the role in this anti-China operation of The
and Sydney Morning Herald investigative
journalist Nick McKenzie, now with the Nine media company
fronting stories for 60 Minutes, but previously with Four
Corners. In the last few years McKenzie has aired many
stories targeting China and China-connected Australians;
these stories reveal his close connections to ASIO and the
Wolverines, who are always his main sources. Numerous of
these stories have resulted in McKenzie being involved in
multiple losing defamation suits. For instance, ABC Four
Corners had to settle a defamation action from a 2017 report
by Nick McKenzie which had slandered a Chinese student Ms
Lupin Lu, using a heavily edited video to make it appear she
admitted to being a Chinese spy, when in fact she had denied
it. ABC and Fairfax lost another defamation action from a
Four Corners story by Nick McKenzie, which falsely accused
Australian businessman Dr Chau Chak Wing of being an agent
of the Chinese government.

In Anthony Byrne’s 2018
text message to then-factional ally Adem Somyurek, he
threatened a female Labor party activist in a way that
boasted of his personal collusion with these dishonest media
attacks relating to China: “If she mucks you up”, Byrne
texted, “I will make sure she guest stars on the next Four
Corners hatchet job on China, which I’ll be on.” When
Somyurek replied, “She appears to be OK”, Byrne texted
back: “OK. Watch her—she’s a rat-f**ker.”

here we have an intelligence powerbroker and US-loyalist
Wolverine admitting the Four Corners China stories that
whipped up hysterical alarm in Australia about Chinese
“interference” were deliberately fraudulent “hatchet
jobs”; threatening to use the China hysteria in a
McCarthyite way to terrorise a political opponent; and
repeating a disgusting label for the Chinese that derives
from then-PM Kevin Rudd’s infamous outburst at the 2009
Copenhagen climate change summit. And both the media and his
political opponents in the Liberal Party aren’t

Australia’s exporters have suffered
greatly from the collapse in Australia’s relationship with
China, and now every day we are edging closer to an
unthinkable war of annihilation. Here we have evidence of a
key participant in the agenda to push Australia to this
position admitting to its deliberately fraudulent, and
indeed viciously racist nature. If you see the sheer
insanity of heading to war with China, recognise and reject
the lies and liars that are paving the

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