How the price of McDonald's in New Zealand compares with the rest of the world

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Where in the world should you go to find the cheapest Big Mac?


Where in the world should you go to find the cheapest Big Mac?

Kiwis pay more for their Big Mac than those in Australia, Canada and the UK – having the 19th most expensive McDonald’s in the world, according to a global price survey.

CashNetUSA used the McDonald’s website and local delivery apps to find the price of a Big Mac and a Happy Meal in every country and US state, and the most expensive item in each country.

There are more than 38,000 McDonald’s across more than 100 countries – so how does New Zealand stack up?

It found Kiwis were paying the same as Americans for a Big Mac, putting us tied for 19th place for the most expensive Big Mac in the world.

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Because of the comparison approach used in the survey – in which prices were converted to US dollars for every country – the price included for New Zealand (US$5.35 when the survey was done, or NZD$8.56) is actually less than the current menu price for Big Macs, which sit at around $9-$9.50, depending where you are in the country.

But spare a thought for those in Switzerland and Lichtenstein who, according to the survey, were paying the equivalent of $12.35 for the burger, which was almost 45% higher than the price for New Zealand.

Countries that the survey calculated had cheaper Big Macs than New Zealand included Australia (US$5.28/NZD$8.42), Canada (NZD$8.25) and the UK ($8.25).

The cheapest place to grab a Big Mac is in Pakistan, where it’s only $3.04.

The price of Big Macs around the world in US dollars.


The price of Big Macs around the world in US dollars.

New Zealand also paid a similar price for its Happy Meal, which includes a cheeseburger, a side and small drink. The survey calculated this at $8.33.

The most expensive place to get a kids’ meal was once again in Switzerland and Lichtenstein where it was $13.02, which was 431% more than the cheapest place which again was Pakistan, where it cost $2.45.

CashNetUSA also put together the most expensive meal item around the world.

Seven of the 10 countries with the most expensive items were in Europe.

France had a cheaper Big Mac and Happy Meal than Liechtenstein and Switzerland but took the crown for the most expensive item in the world with its $25.30 Triple Cheddar and Double Beef burger.

The cheesy giant carries a 1136 calorie payload.

New Zealand had the 9th most expensive burger – the Crispy Chicken Almighty will set you back $15.23.