What does Britain joining the Pacific Trade bloc mean for farmers? – National Farmers Union

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Through the CPTPP, the UK has granted access to all of our agricultural sectors, including our most sensitive beef, poultry meat and pigmeat markets.

NFU President Minette Batters acknowledged that “compared to the deals struck with Australia and New Zealand, the government has negotiated a far more considered and balanced outcome, particularly with respect to managing market access in our most vulnerable sectors”.

Nevertheless, the NFU still has concerns about the cumulative impact of trade deals on British food production. Small volumes of high value cuts could have a significant effect on our domestic producers.

The UK government is negotiating further deals – for instance with Canada and Mexico – which could mean further access to these markets.

Minette reiterated her commitment to “continue to press government to ensure its domestic policies are aimed at improving the competitiveness of British farming and strengthening our domestic food security”.