At Last Physiotherapists Are Back On Green List

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Physiotherapy New Zealand (PNZ) welcomes the Cabinet
decision to reinstate physiotherapists on the immigration
Green List. This long-awaited revision improves access to
critical healthcare for New Zealanders, making it easier for
employers to hire and attract overseas

PNZ President Mark Quinn says it has
been absurd that physiotherapists were on the skills
shortage list for many years, but not included in the
immigration changes announced in May 2022. This decision has
impacted both the public and private health sectors at a
time when New Zealand has a high number of

“Yesterday’s announcement, coupled with
recent changes to registration announced by the
Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand, should help us recruit
physiotherapists from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada
and South Africa.”

“It came as a complete shock
that physiotherapists had been left off the original list,
recognising we don’t train enough physiotherapists in New
Zealand to meet demand. International borders opened last
year and we have a number of New Zealand physios who have
headed overseas. We need to attract physiotherapists to New

“We have been desperately short of physios
for some time, and their workloads have been growing. They
are seeing more and more patients as a result of injuries,
treatment to prevent falls, and children with

“This is also about cost
effectiveness. There is so much evidence that treatments by
physiotherapists keep New Zealanders healthier and more

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