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Wales Office Minister James Davies visited Air Covers, that makes protective covers for aircraft, vehicles and marine equipment from their design office and workshop in the city.

Last year, the UK Government announced that Air Covers was one of the first eight Export Champions for Wales – representing key sectors for the Welsh economy, including food and drink, FinTech and manufacturing.

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The volunteer Export Champions help promote the benefits of exporting and encourage other companies across Wales to consider selling to overseas markets. This is done through participating in events, sharing their exporting stories with those in their sector, and providing advice to other businesses about how to break into new markets abroad.

Each Champion has been selected because they have a successful international trade track record, have a good story to tell about how exporting makes a positive difference to a company and want to share their knowledge and experience with others.

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Following his visit, Mr Davies said: “It was great to visit Air Covers and hear about their export journey and how they’ve achieved their remarkable success.

“Export champions represent the best of Welsh business and have a huge amount of expertise to offer others who want to export to different markets.

“Air Covers’ success shows that businesses in North Wales can lead the way for the UK economy and make an impact internationally.”

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Air Covers experienced strong European sales in 2022, with approvals from Airbus Helicopters in France and Germany, and Leonardo Helicopters in Italy. The company will be joining the Wales Trade Mission to Qatar in May to capture business with offshore oil and gas operators, while the recent UK/Australia/New Zealand trade deal has eliminated tariffs for Air Covers products, reducing sale prices by 5%.

Exhibiting at trade shows in the USA, Canada and Spain this year, Air Covers will be promoting its ever-increasing portfolio of products.

John Pattinson, chief executive of Air Covers added: “Seeing our products in use on more than £11bn of aircraft around the world and customers coming back for more is the validation future clients need.

“They know the team at Air Covers understands their needs and will respond with custom solutions every time.”