‘I Want This War To End’: Children From Ukraine Share Their Messages Of Hope

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Children from Ukraine have asked for more humanitarian
support and peace for their homeland so they can return to
normal life in “Messages of Hope”, an initiative launched by
Save the Children to encourage children living in Ukraine to
amplify their voices around the globe.

As part of the
project, people across the world – from New Zealand, the
United States, Mexico, Canada, France, Portugal, Ireland,
Vietnam, Singapore, and Taiwan – sent words of support and
solidarity to families in Ukraine who have faced 15 months
of full-scale war. Children from Ukraine were also
encouraged to express their most acute needs and aspirations
in letters that will be shared with Save the Children
supporters, as well as world leaders and international

“I respectfully turn to you and want to
thank you for your support and help. I want us to return to
our normal lives as soon as possible,” said a letter signed
as ‘from Zhenya-’.

Another one, an anonymous
message, pointed out: ” Dear helpers, I want to ask you to
continue to support us with the organisations you create.
This assistance prevents us from falling, both morally and
physically. Thanks to you, a wonderful organisation for
children with great educators and workers appeared in our
town. More than anything , I want the war to end, because
the daily deaths of innocent children weigh heavily on our

The presentation took place at a Save the
Children Digital Learning Centres in a small town in Kyiv
region, where families lived through weeks of brutal
hostilities in the early stages of the war. Before writing
letters of their own, children attending took part in a quiz
about the countries where the letters originated from, and
then opened the envelopes with the ‘Messages of

“I really liked that in such a challenging
time, other children and adults worry about us. When I read
the letter, I thought I was going to cry”, 11-year-old

Valentyn-, 17, said “They [people across
the world] do not forget, they know what it is like in
Ukraine, that there is a full-scale war going on, probably
the whole Internet now sees how terrible it is. Because
children die every day, innocent people who do not deserve
such treatment.”

Sonia Khush, Save the Children’s
Ukraine Country Director, said:

“Every child in
Ukraine – and there are 7.5 million of them – has been
affected by this war. Children have fled brutal fighting and
spent months in shelters hiding from missiles and shelling.
They have seen their homes destroyed and loved ones hurt.
Many have been forcibly separated from their families and
have become victims of assault

“Nonetheless, the resilience of children
from Ukraine never ceases to amaze. And a thing as simple as
a heartening word can do wonders to them. Yet, they still
need our support in every possible way, as the lingering
battle has already pushed half the families in Ukraine on
the brink of survival.

“This war is wearing everybody
down, but for aid organisations like Save the Children,
there is no room to back down. The world must step up so and
strengthen its support for the most vulnerable of human
beings in Ukraine.”

Save the Children calls on all
parties to adhere to their obligations under international
humanitarian and human rights law, and to ensure full,
unhindered humanitarian access to families caught up in the
crisis. Humanitarian access in all conflict-affected areas
of Ukraine is essential for assisting and protecting

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